Social Media

Fellow Quilters we have a Facebook page! Please like our Facebook page COTTONWOOD QUILT GUILD. The purpose of the Facebook page is to showcase Cottonwood Quilt Guild:

Offer great classes, have fabulous speakers, fun activities, bus trips, Quilt Show, a lot of talent and so much more.

Simply search for COTTONWOOD QUILT GUILD on Facebook, then go to the page, then click "like” - it is that simple!

Some general rules to help you with what we/you can post:

Information relating to Cottonwood Quilt Guild such as class photos or quilts you made for Quilts and Covers

If you post a photo of a quilt, please give credit to the maker as well as the pattern if you know it

We will have a listing of quilt classes available to take

Upcoming classes that are open to attend

We would like to keep our Facebook professional and relevant to activities within our Guild

If you do not have the ability to post a picture, please reach out to one of the coordinators below for assistance!

Members please note, we will often take photographs and video during our events for use in brochures, our website, and social media.