Volunteer Opportunities
Yates Community Center needs our help!

The Yates Community Center mission is to teach refugees, immigrants, and other community members skills that will help them be successful in the Omaha Community.

Yates Community Centers offers:
Sewing Classes: Students learn to make bags, mittens, hats and more!
Sewing Lab: Bring your own materials and use the machines!

The center can always use used sewing machines in good working condition, not for our classroom but for the avid passionate seamstress in the making! The enter will give the machine to a promising student that does not have the resources to buy a machine of their own. This allows them to practice and experiment at ome. Donations of sewing machines, fabric and notions are always welcomed and put to good by our refugees sewing students.

Françoise, Sewing Teacher, 402-981-2376, Francoise.mathis@ops.org


If you would like to teach sewing as well, let me know.
Messiah Lutheran Church, Ralston  Pastor Gregg
pastorgreg@messiahfamily.com or contact Mary Mayfield 402-778-0291 mayfieldim@cox.net

ConKerr Cancer - A case for smiles

Click on the link to find out how you can help with worthy cause.

One mile of pillowcases equals 2,112. The organizations goal for this event is to sew as many “MILES” as possible. Last year our total for the organization was 63,751 pillowcases or 30 miles. Our goal for 2013 is no less than 44,000 – one for each child in treatment. Each and every pillowcase matters.

How many pillowcase smiles can you make to brighten a child’s day?