Sunshine and Shadows

This last couple of month’s have really been sad for the Nebraska Quilt World. We have lost several wonderful women.
Suzanne Earnest passed away on December 18, 2019. Suzanne was a long time Cottonwood member. She was a wonderful teacher and a wonderful friend to all. She was also a member of the Friends All Around small group. For more about Suzanne and her wonderful quilts go here:

Patty Kennedy was not a long time member of Cottonwood, but she and Carol Uebner started the first quilt shop in Omaha. She passed away on December 19, 2019. For more about Patty, go here:

JoAnn Traise passed January 3, 2020 in Louisiana. She was a Cottonwood member for many years and served as Chairman in 1987-88. JoAnn was also a member of the Friends All Around small group.

Carol Uebner passed on January 8, 2020. She was the co-owner of the first quilt shop in Omaha with Patty Kennedy (above). She was also Chairman of Cottonwood in 1997-98 and another member of Friends All Around. For many years, she made baby quilts for the NICU at Methodist Women’s Hospital.