Quilts and Covers

Quilts and Covers is the service group of Cottonwood Quilters. Quilts have been donated to many places over the years with Boys Town Foster program, Hospice House, Sienna Francis/Lydia House being a few of the most recent. We have bundles of fabric available for you to get creative with, tops ready to quilt, and we also take finished blocks to assemble into tops.

 will be having work days on:
Columbus Day (Oct 8), Veterans Day (Nov 12) and 
Presidents Day (Feb 18).

These will be days for cutting batting, 
prepping backs and making fabric bundles. We will start at 9 AM and stay till we run out of work or energy.
We will continue accepting the 16 patch blocks made out of 2 1/2 inch squares. These will featured in the Quilters Day Out.
March 9 will be our Quilters Day Out. We will be assembling tops from blocks turned in especially the 16 patches. This will be a potluck day with door prizes and treats for those who can
come. More information on this will be in the newsletter later.

2017 Block Book

Here are some ideas for those of you who don't have time or fabric enouch to make an entire quilt for Quilts and Covers but still want to help.  Look at the 2017 Block Book for some ideas!

Designs for the 16 patch block squares

16 Patch Block Patterns