Quilt Challenge Project

Dots, Dots, Dots and More Dots

I like dotted fabric so much almost every quilt I make has a dotted fabric in it.

This year’s challenge project focuses on using dot fabric of your choice and a circular design or applique in a quilt.

Quilt Challenge Rules:

1. Find a dot fabric you like, it can be any type of dots, white background, black background, grunge dots, mini dots, dots on dots, your choice.

2. Dot fabric must be very visible on the front of the quilt.

3. You can use multiple dot fabrics if you wish, you won’t be held to using only one, the more dots the merrier.

4. There must also be at least one 5” circular design in your quilt. It can be appliqued or pieced but it must be visibleon the front of the quilt. You can have many circular designs, but you must at least have one that is 5” or larger.

5. Quilt can be any size, but it must be a quilt, no bags or clothing.

6. Quilt must be complete with binding (quilted or tied).

7. Label your quilt with a title and your name.

8. Quilts will be turned in at the April meeting and displayed for member voting at the May meeting.